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Karditsa KTEL SA, with a history of more than fifty years in the sector of passenger transportation, has always been trying to improve its services by regularly renewing the fleet of buses, by building a modern passenger station, while at the same time it has carried out large social work, having greatly contributed to the local economic and social development.

Karditsa KTEL operated for the first time in 1950, in order to meet the needs of passengers, with small buses of twelve and fourteen seats.

In 1952 the 16th Karditsa KTEL was re-established, having its registered office at Kolokotroni str and offices in Mouzaki, Palamas, Sofades, as well as in Larisa and Trikala, and remained with this form until the end of 1967. In 1968 the 15 intercity Continental Greece and Crete KTEL were merged in eight KTEYL (Intercity Bus KTEL).

The 4th KTEYL was established in Thessaly, with its seat in Larisa, and Karditsa KTEL was merged with the KTEL of Larisa, Trikala, Magnisia and Pieria. This merger lasted for five years as the operation of KTEYL institution presented serious problems, forcing the relevant services of the Ministry of Transports to proceed with preparing a new plan.

In 1973, by virtue of the Legislative Decree 102, Karditsa KTEL was re-established, with the operating scheme that we see until 2003.

In November 1994, the state-of-the-art KTEL station at Dimokratias Ave. was inaugurated. This facility remains the central office of KTEL until this day.

In September 2003, KTEL became a Societe Anonyme (SA Company) by the implementation of Law the 2963/2001.

In April 2017 KTEL opened a ticket office in town (ticket counter and passenger information office). Tickets are issued for all routes.


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