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KTEL (Common Bus Receipts Funds) are specific character transport companies that serve all public regular road transports of our country (except for the urban transports of Athens, Thessaloniki and part of Rhodes).

By virtue of the Law 2119/1952, KTEL were established in every prefecture, with defined district for each KTEL, and bus owners, upon permit by the state, were carrying out transports and meeting the needs of each area.

Subsequently, by the DL 102/1973, they took the form of KTEL as we all know it in the recent decades.

Law 2963/2001 enacts the framework for the operation of KTEL, which are transformed into Societes Anonymes.

KTEL is the intended by law (compulsory) joint administration and management of several individual independent services, ie it is considered as a category of „compulsory cooperative“, having as principal organizational characteristic that the ownership of buses belongs to the owners shareholders and the use thereof to the Legal Entity of KTEL SA, which is responsible for the better organization of passenger transportation.

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